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Physical Therapy Doctorate

The APTA describes a Doctor of Physical Therapy as a "practitioner of choice" for consumers and health care professionals alike.  A DPT ensures an improved doctor of physical therapy salary, as well as heightened recognition and respect for the services PTs render to an appreciative public. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy Salary

physical therapy doctorateOnce PTs achieve a higher physical therapist education, physical therapists working with Travel Force earn a doctor of physical therapy salary well over $100,000 per year. For DPTs with less than one year of experience and working directly for a facility, a doctor of physical therapy earns an average of $54,069; that figure climbs dramatically after 5 to 9 years of experience, when the DPT can expect an annual salary of about $68,080.**

Physical Therapy Doctorate Career Benefits

A Doctor of Physical Therapist degree opens up career paths to teaching positions and research-based appointments in prestigious Universities and healthcare organizations. Ever dreamed of opening your own physical therapy practice? Becoming a DPT makes this a real possibility. Watch your Doctor of Physical Therapy salary skyrocket in management level positions.

What are the Job Opportunities for New Grads of a Physical Therapy Doctorate program?

Can a New Grad coming out of Physical Therapy Doctorate Program with a DPT degree land a travel PT job, or are a few years prior experience necessary to be hired?

Yes, because PTs with a Physical Therapy Doctorate have completed extensive training throughout their education, graduates have the qualifications to work in a travel physical therapy job upon earning the DPT. However, the ideal environment for a new graduate placement is in a facility with experienced PTs on staff, willing to mentor—otherwise, the only factors influencing a DPT job are the past experience of the candidate and the staffing needs of the organization.

Positive Career Outlook Supports the Physical Therapy Doctorate

Since so many employers, not to mention contingencies of state licensure, require the PT to participate in continuing education programs, becoming a doctor of physical therapy seems par for the course! At Travel Force, our unlimited free CEUs put you on track to both academic and financial success. 

What are the Physical Therapist Education Requirements for DPTs?

The aspiring PT must enroll in an APTA accredited institution and graduate with both a bachelors and masters degree before entering a post-professional physical therapy education program; of the nation’s 200 accredited physical therapist degree programs, 189 offer the DPT. Travel Force offers a nationwide list of approved physical therapy schools.

Physical Therapist Degree Course Load

To meet physical therapist education requirements, the aspiring PT is best served by obtaining—before embarking on the Physical Therapy Doctorate—an undergraduate degree in physical therapy; this prepares the student for rehabilitation graduate work. A comprehensive physical therapy studies curriculum includes coursework in:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Biostatistics Research
  • Health care and Insurance Systems
  • Muscular and skeletal examinations
  • Pharmacology
  • Physical Therapy Pathology

Physical Therapist Degree Education Requirements: Nuts and Bolts

Physical therapist education requirements for the DPT degree entail a medical dissertation and study of relevant case studies, as well as an oral or written technical exam; this is after completion of a two year masters program in:

  • Clinical physical therapy labs
  • Life science courses
  • Statistics and Research
  • Advanced  Patient Care techniques
  • Pathokinesiology
  • Physical disability prevention
  • Health science concepts
  • Exercise physiology

APTA Vision & Physical therapist education requirements to obtain a DPT degree   

Created by the American Physical Therapy Association, the Physical Therapy Doctorate or DPT is part of the APTA’s Vision 2020 policy, which states that by the year 2020 physical therapy will be practiced, to the most exclusive extent possible, by doctors of physical therapy; these PTs may also be board certified in a specialty area.

What are you waiting for? Apply with Travel Force Staffing today and start your physical therapy job search immediately. We have physical therapist jobs ready to fill now.

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**DPT Salary information taken from Payscale

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