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Top States for Therapy Jobs in 2013

Author Travel Force Staffing | 01.24

Therapy jobs are recession proof in much of the U.S., but it’s a handful of states that have, over the decades, developed a reputation for being the best for therapy jobs. If you’re a physical therapist, occupational therapist or speech language pathologist looking for a quarterly breakdown of where the best jobs are and when, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Winter Work Spots for Therapists

This winter, the Golden State is a favorite among therapists for the high wages and recession proof careers. The same can be said of Texas, Ohio and Florida. Please read more on these U.S. hot spots!

  • California therapy jobs run the high paying (average is $83,114 in LA) gambit between respiratory therapy jobs, OT jobs, physical therapy jobs and more! This is the country’s most populous state, and its high concentration of Baby Boomers mean allied health professionals are more necessary than ever! This time of year, the Golden State comes alive with world famous fancy food shows, concerts and more!
  • Florida therapy jobs are particularly kind to allied healthcare professionals with PT specializations, offering sign on bonuses that let you make the most of mild winter weather, averaging in the 70s!
  • Ohio therapy jobs pay the highest salary in Cleveland, averaging at $76,004. This is a state known for its comparatively low cost of living and high standards in the arts. Check out Arts In Ohio to see what we mean!
  • Texas therapy jobs are especially well paying in Austin where PTs make an average of $72,181 a year. Make sure you click your way through this 2013 Austin events calendar to see what the city has to offer!

top USA states for therapy jobs 2013

The Best Work and Play Destinations for Therapists on Spring Break!

California, Texas and Ohio therapy jobs were the best in winter and the best for Spring too! That’s why the focus is on Washington state and Oregon. Come read what’s happening in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Washington therapy jobs offer salaries above the national average, with the annual income in Seattle clocking in at $81, 840. Neighboring cities run close to that figure. Daffodil Festival events in Tacoma, Puyallup, Orting, and Sumner will brighten your spring; look for a grand finish to the season in Seattle, with the Northwest Folk life Festival in May.
  • Oregon Therapy Jobs in Portland offer PTs an average pay of $76,978; after factoring in the amazing benefits package that come with top travel therapy jobs, Oregon therapists can enjoy this coastal state and its hip environmentalism even more!

For Allied Health Professionals, These States Have a Cure for the Summertime Blues

High salaries and recession proof therapy careers are still available in Texas, California and Ohio this summer. Here are a few new U.S. states, with reasons that should snag the attention of travel therapists looking for a change in the hot months of 2013.

  • New Jersey Therapy Jobs are surrounded by coveted vacation rentals. Everyone wants to be there; however everyone can’t make the average therapist salary in the Garden State of $91,000.
  • Maryland therapy jobs are just a short drive from everything the Capitol City has to offer. In Baltimore, MD—known for being the best little city in the world, PTs earn an average salary of $78, 853!
  • Michigan therapy jobs are the highest paying in collegiate and charming Anne Arbor, averaging $77,994 for PTs.
  • Wisconsin therapy jobs allow you to spend an idyllic summer shopping or resting lakeside. Known for its low cost of living, the average salary of 72, 075 for Milwaukee PTs goes a long way!

“Fall” Into the Best Therapy Jobs Here!

Once again, the same hot spots for therapy jobs have followed this quarterly report into the end of 2013, with California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Oregon topping the list. However two new stops on the map should brighten Autumn for therapist this year.

  • New York Therapy jobs are in the epicenter of urban life in the U.S.—and the average pay’s not bad, either: $88,336 in the Big Apple!
  • Arkansas Therapy Jobs may not top the list for highest paying in the U.S., but with scenery and wildlife fun beyond compare, and the lure of Little Rock, PTs will love their average pay of 65,048 per year.
  • Massachusetts therapy jobs in the Fall are a leaf peeper’s delight; it doesn’t hurt that therapy jobs in Boston pay an average salary of $83,763.

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**Reference to the average salary per state was taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) site.


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