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Surgical Technologist Jobs in Colorado now require licensing

Author Travel Force Staffing | 03.25

The deadline is April 1, 2011 for surgical technologists, technicians and assistants in the state if they want to keep working

Why Do Colorado Surgical Technologists now have to register to practice in the state?

Because in 2009, Colorado authorities found that a surgical technician exposed thousands of patients in the state to Hepatitis C. The surgical technician, who tested positive for the disease herself prior to being hired, stole syringes filled with fentanyl from where she worked and returned them filled with saline for patient re-use.

As a result, Colorado enacted a new surgical technology jobs law requiring all surgical technologists, assistants and technicians to register with the state by April 1, 2011 before being considered for employment. Lawmakers say this will ensure that hospitals and surgery centers do not inadvertently hire surgical technologists with a criminal background or with a history of jeopardizing patient safety. Additionally, the new law will allow employers to share information with other potential healthcare employers concerning impaired work function, drug diversion, patient abuse and violent crimes.

How does a Surgical Technologist register to qualify for work in the state of Colorado?

The registration process for the new surgical technology jobs law is simple and takes only a few minutes. If you have any questions regarding surgical technologist jobs in Colorado or anywhere else in the U.S, call a Travel Force Staffing representative at 800.617.0608 or apply online today.

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