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Physical Therapist Jobs for PTs with DPT

Author Travel Force Staffing | 04.28

Recently, we had a PT career question regarding a job after earning a Doctor of Physical  Therapy (DPT)  and I thought it would be good share with everyone.

I was wondering how many years of experience most of the travel PT jobs usually require? For example, would it be realistic that a student coming straight out of school with a DPT could land a travel PT job, or would at least a few years of experience be necessary to be hired?

A physical therapist who has recently earned their Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) has received extensive training in their educational program. Rehab facilities that have experienced physical therapists on staff to mentor the new physical therapist will be the most comfortable working environments. These facilities are likely to offer physical therapy graduates a travel physical therapy position upon graduation from an accredited program. Other factors taken into consideration when hiring new graduates are past internships and specialty experience

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