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A Quick Education on Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Author Travel Force Staffing | 07.30

EMR for Physical Therapists

Electronic Medical Records, or EMR, is an integral part patient care reflecting both the needs and specialties of the physical therapists on staff. How do healthcare employers choose the EMR system that will fit their needs? Learn the tips here on what to look for in an EMR system should you wish to start or join a private physical therapy center in the future.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing an EMR that Keeps a Physical Therapy Job Humming

  1. Tip #1: Look beyond the one-size fits all solution; your office will thrive with a system that is tailored specifically to patient and therapist needs.
  2. Tip#2: Keep costs low by shopping around for a free or affordable EMR that doesn’t bind with annual contracts or monthly fees. Experts recommend In Touch EMR, released by Ritika Gulrajani, PT, DPT.
  3. Tip #3: Make sure it’s easy to use: Look for an interface that members of the rehab team can use intuitively, avoiding a big learning curve that detracts from quality time with patients.
  4. Tip #4: Ask yourself what and how much an EMR should do: What do you hope to accomplish in your physical therapy job? It may surprise you to know that the right office software not only helps you attain these goals, but conceive of them too.
  5. Tip #5: Prioritize tech support: When special features can enhance your EMR, you need to know. Look for a system that provides vendors, support and upgrades.

PTs with a keen interest in health care technology, physical therapy career choices and the option of a private practice can get the full scoop from this article about finding the best EMR. They can also review a checklist of critical things to consider (before adopting an EMR) by clicking this EMR news link.

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