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Therapy Jobs in Spotlight during National Allied Health Professionals Week

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This first week of November, therapists across the USA are being celebrated for their contributions to allied healthcare, via National Allied Health Professionals Week (AHPW). While the event puts therapists’ contributions in the spotlight, colleagues and patients appreciate their therapists year round; but it doesn’t hurt to have a few days on the calendar devoted to promoting awareness about therapy careers. Did you know there are 80 different kinds of allied healthcare practitioners, serving in therapy jobs nationwide ?

Occupational therapists and physical therapists, their assistants, speech language pathologists and respiratory therapists are part of that long list of allied health caregivers. As more Americans reach retirement age and birth rates climb, extraordinary job gains are reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The fact that there are approximately 5 million therapists at work today, comprising 60% of the healthcare workforce at large, is a comfort to patients who now, or will someday need their services.

How Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists Can Spread a Message of Patient Advocacy and Compassion

This week is the perfect springboard to promoting your therapy career. These are just a few ideas:

  • Use your membership in APTA, AOTA or ASHA to spread the word about recognizing allied healthcare and its achievements.
  • Recognize and reward those who initiated or supported outstanding contributions to AHPW.
  • Advertise the Nov. 5-9, 2012 date and what AHPW means allied healthcare professionals and their patients.
  • Sponsor or donate funds to an activity that is affiliated with an allied healthcare group; one that promotes people in physical therapy jobs who are making a difference.

4 Million New Healthcare Jobs and Growing until 2016!

With the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a huge surge in physical therapy jobs, those who want to work in them should consider pursuing America’s best hospitals; these allied health professionals should also align talents with a premier staffing agency, one that offers free private housing, full benefits package and chance to earn up to six-figures in competitive therapy jobs. Call at 1-800-617-0608, or simply apply online! Travel Force Staffing is eager to help you make a huge difference, during National Allied Health Professionals Week and year round. Thanks for your continued commitment to excellence!

Allied Healthcare Staffing Agency Gets Gold Seal of Approval

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Certified Since 2005 - Allied Healthcare Agency

Travel Force Staffing Announces Recertification By The Joint Commission

Leading allied healthcare staffing agency, Travel Force Staffing, has been awarded The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for 2012. Travel Force Staffing has been continuously certified by The Joint Commission since 2005 and has once again earned the valued Gold Seal of Approval. Addressing the nation’s allied healthcare shortage by providing healthcare employers with travel and permanent therapy job candidates. Travel Force focuses on recruiting skilled candidates to fulfill Physical therapy jobs and occupational therapy jobs.

Travel Force Staffing is one of 19,000 health care organizations in the U.S. certified by The Joint Commission. To achieve certification, healthcare staffing agencies undergo an in-depth review of qualifications and competency of staff, placement procedures and staff performance benchmarks. Seven years in a row, Travel Force excelled in areas of customer service and support, communications and accountability.

Read more about Travel Force’s Joint Commission Certification

Top iPad Medical Apps might be reshaping healthcare

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We want to know if you’re currently using iPad medical apps to boost your therapist job knowledge, surf the web for therapy jobs or advance patient care delivery.

rehabilitation therapy ipad appsYou see a fellow physical or occupational therapist, PTA, OTA, or DPT using the technology to access drug databases and anatomical diagrams in seconds. To upload point-of-care therapies in a click and download healthcare education ‘apps’ for the price of an early bird dinner. Practical and affordable, the potential for iPads to improve patient care is endless.

How has the iPad improved your therapy career?

If you’re currently using an iPad on the job, CHIME IN by responding to this post and letting us know how the technology has benefited your therapist career – we want to share it with the world. Furthermore, we want to know if you’re not using one and why, or if you’ve got ideas for iPad therapy job applications which you feel may benefit the profession

Top iPad Medical apps reshaping healthcare

  1. AirStrip OB: Free medical app to help occupational therapists and other medical jobs professionals monitor a baby’s symptoms remotely. Used in tandem with the patient, this healthcare app can reduce trips to the hospital. Additionally, AirStrip comes with cardiology medical apps, imaging and critical care iPad healthcare applications.
  2. Blausen Human Atlas: Remember how anatomy captivated you as a youth? It helped you learn and understand your own body? Available for less than $20, the Human Atlas offers the therapy jobs professional comprehensive clinical content on every body system. 3-D animations empower therapists to show their patients what’s going on with their bodies. The atlas is used to play 3D animations and explore 3D models.
  3. Davis’s Drug Guide: What occupational and physical therapists need to know about drugs. Fast, easy and at your fingertips. Absolutely indispensable for rehabilitation jobs specialists and professionals on the path to therapist careers success. Free updates with yearly subscription.
  4. Diagnosaurus DDx: A powerful diagnosis tool from the medical apps dollar menu. That’s right, for about $0.99 you get an easy healthcare reference system that offers information on a number of diseases and conditions. This healthcare app is fat free!
  5. ECG Guide: Another handy dollar menu iPad medical app item. The ECG Guide is your tour book to  regular and abnormal ECGs.  For $0.99 therapy jobs candidates get a “one up” on the lessons of ECG diagnosis.
  6. Epocrates: FREE and reliable, Epocrates is the #1 mobile drug reference resource used by healthcare providers at the point of care. Trusted for accuracy and cutting-edge offerings, doctors, RNs and therapist job professionals choose Epocrates as a preferred point of care drug reference.
  7. Eponyms: Put simply, an eponym is a name of a drug, structure or disease based on or derived from the name of a person. When looking up medical terms, this FREE healthcare app comes in handy, especially for therapist career grads and undergrads. Doctor of Physical Therapy jobs practitioners find it comes in handy too!
  8. Human Body 3D Anatomy: This medical iPad healthcare application acts as an anatomy refresher when it’s time to brush up on what’s connected to the knee bone.  It’s about the price of a bagel and coffee and relies on 3D technologies to bring anatomy to life.
  9. iAnatomy: View cross sections of the body and actual CT scans on this iPad medical app – complete with images of cadavers and helpful cataloguing. For therapist career professionals who need to compare scans regularly iAnatomy comes cheaper than a cup of coffee.
  10. iRadiology: Therapists review radiology concepts and images with this FREE healthcare app ideal for students, interns, residents and veteran therapy job practitioners.
  11. MedCalc: Need to figure dosing? This FREE iPad medical app does the work for you. Handy for advanced therapy jobs professionals charged with administering drug therapies. No more having to remember formulas. Quick, easy reliable healthcare application.
  12. Medical Lab Tests: Evaluate lab results quickly with this iPad healthcare app that cost about the price of a decent bottle of olive oil. Review normal lab values, including more than 100 blood tests.
  13. Medical Spanish: For the price of a Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast, you can learn basic Spanish phrases to improve communication with non-English speaking patient groups. The medical apps audio component helps you work on proper pronunciation.
  14. Medscape: A staple in any electronic healthcare apps library, Medscape is trusted, FREE and invaluable on rounds when you need a medical reference fast. This medical iPad app features breaking medical news and the latest procedures.
  15. MedSpeak: Communicate in Mandarin or Cantonese with this iPad medical application for about $15 bucks. Time tested, user friendly and indispensable for candidates in search of therapy jobs with healthcare employers in urban settings.
  16. iMeds XL: For about the price of a large popcorn at the movies therapist career professionals can search by drug name or class for information on prescription interactions, side effects and dosing.
  17. Monthly Prescribing Reference: Another FREE medical app that helps with prescription interactions and over the counter drugs.
  18. Pedi STAT: For about three bucks therapists working with kids gain insights on symptoms, normal growth and essential pediatrics information.
  19. Skyscape’s Medical Bag: Clinical tools, medical calculators and lab tests on the go for $1.99 –cheaper than a Starbucks Latte. Not so much for therapist job practitioners, but it’s so cheap why not have it available.
  20. Skyscape RxDrugs Dosing Companion: FREE, FREE, FREE healthcare app to figure out dosing for thousands of generic and brand name medications.

iPads and their medical apps are catching on fast in the therapy jobs marketplace. In fact, having one may improve your marketability as a therapist jobs candidate.

Travel Force Staffing provides recruitment solutions for America’s top rated rehabilitation hospitals , outpatient and Rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, and private therapy practices located in all 50 U.S. states. Our experienced team of staffing experts place physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, surgical technologists and per diem staff and other allied healthcare professionals into therapy careers nationwide. Contact us today at 800-617-0608 for instant access to cutting edge recruitment technology, therapy career resources, news, and information.

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Good iPad app for Physical therapy students

Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month this October

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October puts physical therapists in the spotlight! In 1982 the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) changed from National Physical Therapy Week, to a month long celebratory event for physical therapists nationwide. This year’s 2010 theme is: Move Forward: Physical Therapists bring motion to life—not just a slogan, but APTA sponsored site; one that gives both therapists and their patients, the chance to explore the positive effects of physical therapy for everyone involved.

National Physical Therapy Month does its part to increase the general public’s awareness of what physical therapists do, and the diversity of patients helped by their expertise. Whether young, old, injured in an accident, or as the result of illness and disease, a licensed physical therapist, often board certified in one or more of 8 physical therapy specialties, is highly trained to improve patients’ range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility.

But as a physical therapist working for Travel Force, or likeminded staffing agency, you already know this—we’re just giving you extra reasons to bring National Physical Therapy month to your patients’ attention; they may benefit from APTA’s “Motion to Life Site”, where a quiz, reader poll and more lets them access their current level of motion, and see if they have a health issue that merits a visit to your office.

Why are physical therapists making headlines?

As the world watched Spain capture the world cup during the FIFA games this summer, the general public was more aware than ever of the need for physical therapists and their ability to heal, as seen in this sports related injuries video.

Health Information Technology (IT) has also taken the physical therapy world by storm, and offers new and innovative ways of preparing therapists for future sessions with patients; you’ll enjoy watching the video that enhances our article about virtual reality training.

With so much to sit back and take in, maybe we should pop some popcorn; instead please accept our simple thanks. Travel Force wishes to add its own “tip of the hat” to a worldwide appreciation for what physical therapists do. We are proud to offer physical therapy jobs from coast to coast and everywhere in between that challenge and reward qualified applicants with top benefits, competitive pay, as well as traveling and permanent therapy positions in some of the best rehabilitative hospitals in America.

National Physical Therapy Month is just one of many occasions that serve to remind physical therapists of a competitive present and future in their field; the APTA cites a 27% jump in hiring by 2016 (as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), and the majority of physical therapists with doctorates in hand (DPT degree) by 2020.

Travel Force career resources help you stay on track 365 days a year

Travel Force Staffing offers current and aspiring physical therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants career resources that help them stay on track toward achieving licensing whether they are foreign trained or educated in the U.S. We have quick links to APTA accredited physical therapy schools and member board information in all 50 states. Check us out, and apply online today!

In the meantime, think about the ways physical therapy touches the lives of your patients and leave us a comment about how you, personally, are bringing motion to life!

Rehabilitation Hospital Stays: Brief but Highly Effective

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Expecting to make a complete recovery means patients and caregivers give 100% to rehab team

The purpose of inpatient rehab is, of course, to help the patient regain functions lost because of injury and illness, stemming from stroke, brain, various neurological conditions, recovery from orthopedic surgery, or spinal cord dysfunction.

Patient participation in the healing process is as critical as physical therapy is—yet perhaps the biggest challenge in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital stay is its brevity, averaging just 38 days for serious conditions.

Physical and occupational therapists are on task immediately, interviewing patients about their lifestyle and home environment, so they can customize a rehab treatment plan. Before the patient lands in the care of a PT, OT, or other specialist, chances are they were in a community hospital—an environment quite different from a rehab facility.

Rehab Professionals set the pace in patient’s recovery

Once a patient is matched with the right level of rehabilitative care, doctors, nurses and others in rehab jobs must help patients adjust to a radically changed pace in treatment and expectations. While hospitals manage nearly every aspect of a patient’s care, the rehab facility places most of patient recovery squarely in the hands of the patient. The patient must be committed to working hard with therapists, even if they find physical therapy grueling—a tall order considering that rehabilitation hospitals ensure patients receive and benefit from several hours of occupational and physical therapy daily, usually five days a week.

Insurers, like Medicare and Medicaid mandate patient participation, and may cut benefits if they fail to make enough progress. Since this is the last thing physical therapists and other specialists want to see happen, they help things along much as possible, providing the following in patient care:

  • A smooth transition from community hospital to rehab hospital
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy that helps patient regain independent function on all daily activities of life
  • Motivation and emotional support
  • Feedback to patient’s loved ones

A Positive Attitude + Increased Patient Involvement = Positive Rehab Experience

A good attitude is essential if the patient is to progress in daily physical therapy sessions and, depending on his or her condition or illness, expanded treatment that may include gait training and speech therapy.

What changes in the move from acute hospital care to Inpatient Rehab Facility:

  • visiting hours
  • meals
  • learning names and roles of a new health care team
  • noise level
  • amount of privacy

Case Managers and patient’s family a critical part of recovery

Case Managers will also coordinate care at the inpatient rehab hospital, assisting in the design of specific programs that help patients regain their independence; also involved are the patient’s family and caregivers who may be expected to:

  • Fetch comfortable clothing
  • Attend team meetings to assess progress
  • Participate in meeting set deadline for rehab goal
  • Serve as a link to the community and outside world

Excellent Teamwork follows the patient home

Caregivers and family will continue to play an active role in the patient’s life after discharge from the Rehab hospital; they provide transportation to medical and therapy appointments, pick up and administer medications, help the patient in the bathroom, fix meals, adhere to an exercise schedule, as well as deal with financial issues incurred during the rehab process.

Without good nurses and excellent home health, creating a safe environment in the patient’s home would be next to impossible, but thanks to a talented rehab team, coupled with the patient’s strong will to get back to normal, anything and everything that’s good lies in wait.

Travel Force offers over 20 years of hospital and rehab staffing; placing physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists in permanent and temporary positions in top-rated rehab hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S. Joint Commission certified, Travel Force provides staffing services to Outpatient Rehab Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Sub Acute Settings, and university teaching facilities. Make a positive change in someone’s life today. Apply online for physical therapy jobs!

Therapy Career Resources for Foreign PTs—your Go-To Guide

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Foreign PT License Requirements and FAQ’s you should bookmark!

Were you trained for a physical therapy career outside of the United States, and looking for a therapy job here? If yes, welcome to our Go-To guide, featuring information on the Top 10 states for physical therapy careers, as well as direct links to state licensure applications.

Top 10 States for PTs
You’ll note some states’ pages for foreign PTs answer frequently asked questions, while others route the foreign trained physical therapist directly to an online application, instructions for obtaining licensure or all of the above. Every state is slightly different in its approach, but the bottom line is the same: qualified applicants who meet state licensing authority criteria enjoy rewarding and high paying physical therapy careers!

California: The Physical Therapy Board of California assists foreign educated Physical Therapist graduates from accredited and non-accredited programs. You’ll note that this state’s page gives a shortlist of what you’ll need to get in order before you apply, plus a direct link to an online application.

Colorado: The Colorado Division of Registrations provides an online application and instructions on how to take the NPTE exam; it also lists basic requirements for foreign trained Physical Therapist licensure.

Florida: The Florida Department of Health answers FAQs for Foreign Trained Applicants and an “Apply for a license” link that helps you get started.

Iowa: The Iowa Department of Public Health’s Physical Therapist licensure information is the same for foreign and domestic applicants on the online application.

Illinois: The Division for Professional Registration handles licensure for all applicants, both domestic and foreign trained in physical therapy careers; this site does not provide a specific page intended for foreign trained PTs; however, they do provide contact information for sources who can answer your questions.

Massachusetts: The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation states that graduates of foreign physical therapy programs may be eligible for licensure in MA, but that the Board accepts only the evaluations prepared by the FCCPT

Maryland: The Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners provides detailed instructions for foreign trained Physical Therapist applicants; you’ll notice two different licensure links for foreign PTs; one for “Licensure by Examination” and one for “Licensure by Endorsement”. You will also note this state accepts evaluation credentials sent by the FCCPT.

Ohio: The Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers Board provides an online application for licensure as a PT or PTA, with instructions for foreign applicants on the PT applicant page.

Texas:  The Executive Council of Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Examiners provides instructions for foreign trained physical therapist applicants; they provide, on this page, an “Apply for a License Now” link.

Washington:  The Washington State Department of Health reviews all applications for Physical Therapist licensure, domestic and foreign trained, and provides a “packet” of all the materials you will need to work in Washington physical therapy jobs.

Working in Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs
For foreign students of physical therapy, the process of obtaining licensure is more difficult for PTAs (physical therapy assistants) than it is PTs—we covered the reason in a related press release, but you’ll want to read on for direct links to therapy career resources that exist to help you transcend this minor obstacle. Just do the following, in the following order, and you’ll soon be working in physical therapy assistant jobs:

Complete all educational requirements to become a Physical Therapist Assistant


  • Apply for a student visa (F1 Visa) and then apply to accredited Physical Therapist Schools; Canadian physical therapists can work on a non-immigrant NAFTA Professional (TN) visa
  • After you complete your education and prior to graduation, apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allows you to work in the U.S. for up to one year.

Commonalities Shared by State Licensing Boards
Foreign trained applicants should have the following items in order before applying for state licensure:

  • Social Security Numbers: you can apply for licensure and take the exam prior to getting a social security number; however, you will need the S-S-N prior to receiving your license.
  • iBT TOEFL: a passing score on this test proves you are proficient in English. Minimum score required is 89, as well as accompanying minimum scores in the test’s four components: 24 in writing; 26 in speaking; 21 in reading comprehension; and 18 in listening comprehension
  • A letter: from the applicant’s university stating that at the time the student received their first degree the language of instruction was English.
  • Requirements for Credential Evaluations: Once you pass the NPTE exam, you must prove your education is on par with state standards.
  • The Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT): This non-profit organization assists many foreign trained PTs in showing their educational credentials are equivalent to current standards in the United States. See if your state board of physical therapy will work with them.

Remember that using therapy career resources, like each relevant link in this blog, can help you get to work fast!  For the foreign trained, as well as every professional working in travel physical therapy jobs, we wish you great luck in your new home!

Footnote: Some online physical therapy career resources cited here were taken from The Rehab License Network, which was created with the goal of making allied healthcare licensing information easier to obtain and/or maintain for rehab professionals.

Physical Therapy Career Advancement Tips

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How to activate your job search

Physical therapy careers come in all shapes and sizes; some PTs travel from one assignment to the next, while others hold permanent positions. There are seasoned therapists earning close to—or topping—six figure salaries, and others just beginning a physical therapy career with nowhere to go but up.

No matter where you are in your physical therapy career, the job search is everything—particularly if you’re looking to make a positive change. Travel Force offers therapy career resources that help you launch the ideal job search, matching your career skills and education to the very best physical therapy jobs.

Our physical therapy network can supply the perfect job match. Search from the best allied healthcare careers America has to offer by clicking on the Activate your Job Search Agent for the fastest results.

By activating a job search, you can choose from existing positions and get your first pick of well-paid, highly compensated physical therapy jobs, virtually anywhere and everywhere in North America. You specify the city, whether your interest is in a permanent and/or travel physical therapist job and take your pick among a wide variety of possibilities. If a job is not available in the exact location you wish, we will seek out a plum position on your behalf to meet your job requests in the next best location.

The Job Search Agent is for  physical therapy careers and allied healthcare jobs in all professions:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Occupational Therapy
  • COTA
  • Pulmonary
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Polysomnographer
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Radiation Oncology

Get started today and we will have you on the road to professional and financial success! The great thing about letting a #1 therapist staffing agency help you advance in your physical therapy career is that you’ll be working in an expert allied healthcare staffing organization. We comply with Joint Commission policies that ensure the education, licensing, training and work experience of our team has been verified inside and out.

Our expertise is  anticipating  every possible question regarding physical therapy careers; check out this link and physical therapy job questions about what to expect straight out of school with a DPT.

We cover these topics regarding successful physical therapy careers as well:

As a physical therapist, you’ve worked hard to stay current on the latest technologies, marked your calendar with events that help you network (i.e. the APTA Conference), and absorbed Top 40 PT career tips that let you connect with your patients in ways that benefit them beyond recovering independence and mobility.

The great thing about a physical therapy career—deemed not just a job, but a lifestyle—is that career advancement doesn’t stop once you’re hired. Our therapy career resources place no limits on how high your star might rise professionally—look to Travel Force for all your physical therapy career advancement and career planning needs.

We’ve got you covered from the time you first sit down to interview, from the time you sit down to enjoy your retirement!

Travel Physical Therapist Jobs FAQs

Author Travel Force Staffing | 05.18 | Category Allied Healthcare, Career Tips, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapist Licensing, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Job Questions, Rehabilitation Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Therapist Jobs, Therapy Jobs, Top Rehab Careers, Travel physical therapy jobs, Travel Therapist, Traveling Therapist

Travel physical therapy jobs offer many advantages to physical therapist professionals. Some of the great benefits of travel physical therapy jobs are:

  • Physical Therapists get to visit different exciting locations
  • Career Advancement by gaining valuable experience in a variety of clinical settings
  • Meet new and interesting people along the way and possibly make lasting friendships and career networking contacts

Travel Physical Therapy Job Career Fact: travel physical therapy jobs currently offer one of the fastest growing career opportunities for physical therapists. If you’re a PT who looks for adventure and professional challenges, a career as a traveling physical therapist might just be what you are looking for.

Q: Is there minimum experience required to start a career in travel physical therapy jobs?

Agencies like Travel Force cater to individuals in all stages of their physical therapy career from new grads to experienced working physical therapists alike. At Travel Force, we employ physical therapists including new grads, mid-career professionals, advanced professionals with DPT, to older PTs working through retirement.

Q: How long are travel physical therapist jobs?

Travel physical therapy jobs are typically 13-26 weeks in length. Physical therapists often renew their travel jobs to further explore favorite locations.

Q: Can I work full-time, year round as a travel physical therapist?

Yes, physical therapists can choose to be employed year round in travel physical therapist jobs or take time off between assignments if they wish. Travel Force presents you with PT jobs choices early in your assignment, so you have plenty of time to decide where you want to travel next. Many physical therapists have switched to a career in travel physical therapist jobs because it pays more, advances skills, and encourages travel to fabulous locations for free.

Q: What kind of work will I do in Physical Therapist Jobs with Travel Force?

Physical therapists working with Travel Force find PT jobs in facilities offering the latest technology and advancements as well as small to medium size outpatient clinics offering standard physical therapy services to patients. Travel Force is proud to have staffed therapists in several of America’s best hospitals ranked “Best Rehabilitation Hospitals” by the U.S. News & World Report.

Q: Does Travel Force offer Physical Therapy Jobs close to home?

Yes, Travel Force specializes in finding physical therapy jobs for physical therapists who wish to work close to home rather than relocate. In this case, your free private housing benefit would come in the form of a mortgage or rent subsidy added to your earnings.

Q: What is the pay range that I can expect to earn at Travel Force?

Physical therapist salary starts between $71,520 and $80,000 with a total compensation of $100,000 or more with benefits. Hourly wages for physical therapists average $35 per hour, and spike dramatically after five years on the job. The Travel Force tax advantage plan, coupled with the referral program and sign-on bonuses, plus reimbursement for meals and other travel incidentals means earning upwards of $100,000 a year or more in travel physical therapist jobs.

Q: Does travel physical therapist jobs include free healthcare insurance?

Travel Force is proud to offer a benefits package that includes free group health, dental and life insurance; our plan provides prescription drug benefits, along with a flexible health plan to healthcare needs, and is available to cover your dependents. For therapists who prefer to obtain their own insurance, Travel Force Staffing will assist in subsidizing the expense.

Q: Will  I get Professional Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance with a travel therapy job?

Yes. Travel Force Staffing provides professional liability malpractice insurance to all of our physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied healthcare professionals on all travel therapy jobs.

Q: Are physical therapists provided a round trip travel allowance?

Yes, Travel Force provides a maximum round trip travel allowance on PT jobs – regardless of whether you travel by car, plane, train or bus.

Q: Do Travel Physical Therapist Jobs offer fully furnished housing?

Yes, physical therapists get fully-furnished free private housing; with upgrades such as fitness centers, pool and more at select properties.

Q: Do Travel Force jobs come with a 401(k) plan and retirement benefits?

Yes. The Travel Force’s company-matched 401(k) plan is generous. You can easily access your account online and individuals with vested retirement benefits may transfer them as they wish.


Now that you know more  about travel physical therapist jobs; it’s time contact Travel Force Staffing to get your traveling physical therapist started right now. Call us at 800-617-0608 or Apply Online

The Travel Force mission is to provide you with the best career growth opportunities in assignments at facilities with the highest standards of clinical and professional excellence, while offering the most comprehensive support and compensation programs.

Ballet Puts Heart Health on Center Stage

Author Therapy Career Blogger | 02.26 | Category Physical Therapy, Registered Nurses, Rehabilitation Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Therapy Jobs, Travel Nurse Blog, Traveling Therapist

As a physical therapist, you’re probably well aware that February is American Heart  Month – a time to take seriously all matters of the heart, from emotional well-being to physical health.

That means learning to take care of your own needs, as well as those of your physical therapy patients.  (For a review of the five fundamentals of heart health, see our primer on heart awareness.)

It also means reaching out in your traveling physical therapy jobs and finding like-minded health-care professionals to collaborate with on heart awareness.

One collaboration regarding heart awareness even led to a new ballet, titled “Heart (Function vs. Emotion).”  This production of the Bodiography  contemporary ballet company in Pittsburgh debuted on Feb. 19, and featured six performers who happen to be heart patients!

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the heart-centric ballet was inspired by a conversation between Bodiography artistic director and choreographer Maria Caruso, and Dennis McNamara, professor of medicine and medical director of heart failure/cardiac transplantation at UPMC.

The collective experiences of the patients, the doctors, and the dancers in the troupe led to a ballet that many described as life-changing. “We’re all in this experience together in bringing about awareness,” Caruso said.

What a lovely and magical way to commemorate American Heart Month!

Cover letter tips for landing your first physical therapist job

Author Therapy Career Blogger | 02.17 | Category Allied Healthcare, Career Tips, How to Tips, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapist Jobs, Physical Therapist Licensing, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Therapist Jobs, Therapy Jobs, Travel Therapist, Traveling Therapist

If you recently graduated from a therapy program or expect to graduate soon, there’s good news – and bad news – on the job front.  Though you’ve chosen a career with great growth, there’s still plenty of competition out there – meaning it’s imperative to have a great physical therapy resume that is accompanied by an even stronger physical therapist cover letter.

As we’ve reported, the need for PTs is on the rise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Demand is strong; new grads are encouraged to apply today to Travel Force and start reaping the rewards and benefits of travel therapy jobs!

But, it’s up to you to present yourself as the strongest candidate possible for those physical therapist jobs.  That means having a resume that includes all of your skills and experience learned in school and during internships and the like.

In addition,  it also means creating a cover letter that sings your praises – loudly. This document needs to be a persuasive marketing tool that highlights your strongest points and reiterates why the employer should consider you for that physical therapist job.

Here are some tips on writing a great cover letter for a physical therapy job:

  • Highlight key professional skills developed throughout your career (school and otherwise). Did you develop some sort of “specialty” while in school — a skill you were known to be particularly good at? Mention it!
  • Emphasize your knowledge of pertinent technologies; the more cutting-edge, the better.
  • Cite evidence of leadership abilities. For instance, if you led a research team, discuss how you motivated your team to accomplish the project
  • Discuss your academic achievements as proof of your intelligence and competence.
  • Relate your skills, experience, and interests to the employer’s needs. (Do some research on the company or facility: Go online, or ask your Travel Force Consultant for tips and insights.)

For more guidelines, see the APTA’s Guide to the Cover Letter.

And, once you’ve gotten that all-important physical therapist job interview, prepare by reviewing our Interview tips for travel therapists.