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Questions and Answers for Physical Therapy Graduates Seeking Travel Therapy Jobs

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Recently we had a PT graduate send us a few very good questions regarding his interest in travel physical therapy jobs. In the process of answering his questions, we also thought would be important to share them with our online community. So, here are his questions and Travel Force’s answers about physical therapist graduates seeking travel therapy jobs.

1. Do new graduates generally have good outcomes in choosing traveling PT as a first career choice or are new grads turned down often due to little experience? A: Many facilities are happy to have fully licensed new graduate Physical and Occupational Therapists join their team as a Traveler. The decision will be based on the specific need of the facility and if they have support available for the Physical orask about travel therpsy questions occupational Therapist at the time. New Graduates are most successful in securing a position if they are flexible with pay rate expectations, location and setting choices.  Once a Physical or Occupational Therapist has had a year or more of experience and has completed at least one travel assignment, they will have many more options available to them.

2. Also, my fiancé is a nurse who also wants to travel. Do you have travel nursing assignments as well where we could potentially travel together?  A: Many of our Travelers choose to travel with a companion. This works best when you are both working with the same Recruiter and when you are both flexible with locations. Travel Force specializes in Allied Health professions, however if your RN partner has applied for a job with American Traveler Staffing Professionals, as partner, Travel Force can arrange to have a single Recruiter work with both of you.

3. Lastly, is there any other good insight you may have for a new PT grad looking into this? I really hope to find a reputable agency that will help me succeed in my new profession.  A: Be sure you trust your Recruiter. Good Recruiters are up front and honest, they don’t promise you what they can’t provide and they are honest with you in regards to the jobs they have available that will be a good match for your experience. A good Recruiter does not want to place you in the wrong job for the sake of getting you a job. Also, work hard on your resume to be sure it showcases you well, no one else knows your accomplishments like you do

Fell free to contact Travel Force Staffing with any allied health travel job career related questions you might have. Our expert consultants are here to help you advance your career and find the next great travel therapy job around! Call us at 800-617-0608 or apply for travel therapy jobs online.

49 of 50 U.S. States Allow Some Form of Direct Access to Physical Therapy

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Does direct access to physical therapy increase the nation’s healthcare costs and put patients at risk as critics believe? Or is it, as proponents believe, a low-cost solution by highly-educated, well-trained healthcare professionals? Travel Force physical therapy staffing provides some answers. Read more about Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Why does finding the right therapy jobs require an agency?

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Occupational therapists, Physical therapists and Speech Language Pathologists – We’ve got jobs news for you!

Therapy Jobs Search – WHY A RECRUITER?

Whether you’re already practicing or just out of school, a therapy job recruiting agency can help you better land a job that suits your personal and professional needs. Though at first many go it alone and conduct their own therapy jobs search, a recruiter can open doors to opportunities you might not otherwise consider. If you always wanted to visit California, Florida, Texas, Arizona or other exciting U.S. destinations, then maybe you should consider a therapy job there. A recruiter can make that happen!

See New Places/Meet New People

Some therapists aren’t sure where they want to work, but they are sure they want a change. Some are looking for a lifestyle change, others simply want to work somewhere else. An experienced therapy jobs recruiter can help you relocate, find you FREE housing and a job in a facility that suits your professional goals. Moreover, travel therapy helps you network professionally and can boost your social life!

Therapist Pay and Benefits

By negotiating your contract with a healthcare employer you risk missing out on 20 percent higher pay, free housing and free health insurance.

On the other hand, travel therapy job recruiters already know where the high salary positions are and can make recommendations based on your qualifications and lifestyle needs. A travel jobs agency can get you $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 more than you can get on your own.  Many will also pay for your housing. Keep in mind that utilizing the skills and national footprint of a therapy staffing company costs you nothing.

Jobs Search Time

Think about how much time it takes looking for a therapist job: filling out applications, emailing resumes and posting qualifications on jobs boards hoping you get a call. This type of PT, OT or SLP therapy jobs search could take weeks – sometimes months – and still you might not land a job.

On the other hand, a well-established therapy recruitment agency already has completed a grassroots job search for the position you’re looking for and has postings ready to fill. Moreover, recruiters already have established relationships with decision makers. They know who to call and when, and are highly-trained to market your abilities as a professional therapist.

Therapy Recruitment Agency Resources

Ask yourself how many healthcare employers you can put your resume before in one day? Then tell yourself how many days or weeks it may take for an employer to view your resume, pass it on to Human Resources and give you a call. Even then, you still need to find out about working conditions, leadership, reputation, amenities around the hospital, and benefits. Then you need to be sure of contractual obligations required by you and your potential employer. How prepared are you to do this?

On the other hand, therapist job recruiters know about working environments, lifestyle amenities, contracts, insurance, payroll and housing. In fact, they’re highly-trained to find you a job fast – it’s what they do every day. Because recruiters are familiar with facilities and locations, they can help you settle in to therapy jobs quickly, point you in the direction of ‘things to do’ and are committed to helping you in any way they can for the duration of your assignment.

“As soon as you’re qualified by Travel Force, we begin searching our national database of therapy jobs and work on getting you interviews at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers, home health or wherever you want to work,” said Recruitment VP, Mary Kay Hull, for Travel Force Staffing Professionals.

Travel Force Staffing has relationships with top healthcare employers across the U.S. Call us at 800-617-0608 or apply online today. No commitment required, just the desire for qualified therapists to find the best therapy jobs first.

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10 Reasons to Switch to Travel Therapy Jobs

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Allied healthcare professionals, drawn to new cultures, climates and the travel done in between, covet high paying occupational and physical therapy jobs offered by prestigious staffing agencies. If you’re looking to take your therapy career to the next level, one that offers a competitive salary, free luxury private housing and more, please do read on!

Checklist: 10 Reasons to Switch to Travel Therapy Jobs

  1. Travel therapy jobs let your inner-traveler go beyond guidebooks: Sites and attractions are to be enjoyed at your sole discretion and leisure. It’s not like you’re the average tourist, trying to cram everything into one vacation.
  2. Staffing consultants work closely with every therapist. Thanks to VIP customer care, you tailor your own therapist career, living where you want, working the hours that suit you best.
  3. Continuing Education is free. Advance in your therapist career from the comfort of your laptop. We have hundreds of online classes to choose from! See some of the  Free CE online courses
  4. These therapy jobs are flexible! If you fall in love with a city during your therapy job, you can easily arrange to extend that position or find a permanent therapist job in your desired city.
  5. Free private housing is located in a prime location. Live in apartments with amenities that encourage exercise (i.e. pools and gyms) and are either very close to your travel therapy job or located next to public transportation.
  6. Get a bonus when you refer a therapist! Be sure to refer a colleague who loves the idea of a travel therapist lifestyle too.  See current travel therapy jobs bonuses.
  7. Company matched 401(k) and travel reimbursements come with every travel therapy job. Once you peruse the Travel Force benefits package, you’ll want to sign on!
  8. Accepting a travel therapy job means lightening your load. A consultant handles the particulars; the only thing you must do is ace your job interview, pack your belongings and get on the road. Deciding what the essentials are rids your life of clutter. See basic travel therapy job documentation needed to get started
  9. Making plans for your future has never been this fun. Formulate a list of “Must-See places” before embarking on your new therapy career. Cram your glove compartment with maps and guidebooks. It’s a great opportunity for graduate physical therapists coming out of college.
  10. You build confidence by working in more than just one facility. Increase your ability to adapt, acclimate and thrive in travel therapy jobs.

Travel Force Staffing Professionals Help You Learn to Travel Light

Allied healthcare professionals love travel therapy jobs because they are flexible, challenging, and offer great career benefits and pay when compared to permanent positions. Travel therapy jobs allow you to be the architect of where you work and for how long—rest assured our SLP jobs, physical and occupational therapy jobs are in America’s best hospitals; 80% of our affiliates appear in a top rated list, published consistently in U.S. News & World Report. Remember our checklist of why becoming a travel therapist is a brilliant move. You want to travel light, even if a decision like this is seldom made lightly—that is exactly why you need an expert staffing agency to help you take the plunge.

Travel Force Staffing provides recruitment solutions for America’s top rated rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient and Rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, and private therapy practices located in all 50 U.S. states. Our experienced team of staffing experts place physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, surgical technologists and per diem staff and other allied healthcare professionals into therapy careers nationwide. Contact us today at 800-617-0608 for instant access to cutting edge recruitment technology, therapy career resources, news, and information.

Therapy career planning increases chance of success

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Travel Force offers sound career advice to OT and physical therapy undergrads

PT grads are like gold. They’re highly prized by employers and typically get jobs fast. But that’s not to say competition won’t be stiff when you graduate. Healthcare employers continue to look for therapy graduates who perform exceptionally well in school and are familiar with modern medical technologies. In this light, Travel Force has a few solid suggestions to help therapy students land them the therapist jobs they want when they graduate.

First, start networking with peers and practitioners upon entering your Masters program – don’t wait until the last few months. If you’re ambitious, pursue a Clinical Residency or Fellowship.  This shows prospective employers you’re familiar with clinical environs and have experience handling patients.

therapist graduate career steps

Second, become one with evidence-based medical technologies such as EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems or cloud reporting early in your program. Prospective healthcare employers operating within large health systems or staffing state-of-the-art outpatient facilities may be inclined to hire a PT or OT graduate with IT experience ahead of one without.

Third, watch your grades. Graduating with honors reflects hard work and diligence – traits employers respect. Awards and commendations for community service go a long way too.

Lastly, develop a strategy for your therapy jobs search. Consider facility type, location, reputation, management, patient population and work setting. Decide whether hospital work is right for you or if a Skilled Nursing facility, outpatient rehab or private practice would be better. Be proactive in emailing prospective healthcare employers with questions. Avoid making pay a priority (most therapist jobs pay well) and don’t feel like you have to settle for the first therapy job that comes along.

Learn how therapy job postings sent to your cell phone or handheld mobile device help job search.

Staffing agencies like Travel Force can significantly help PT and OT graduates with their therapist jobs search. We offer a bevy of therapy jobs resources to enhance job search for physical therapy and occupational therapist graduates and we put you in touch quickly with PT and OT employers nationwide.

Travel therapy jobs can expand job search opportunities and open doors to therapy careers you can’t achieve locally.

Would you consider a travel therapist job in Alaska, New England, Hawaii or California? Read how therapy travel jobs are on the upswing. Travel Force social media resources can help you land one:

  • Facebook – Therapy jobs postings, online networking, travel ideas
  • RSS feeds – Stay current on therapy blogs, jobs and news
  • Twitter – Real time therapist jobs when they’re posted
  • LinkedIn – Connect with therapy jobs, professionals, post your PT or OT resume.

Click here for details on documentation and how PT and OT graduates can get started on a travel therapy career. Call 800.617.0608 to speak to a consultant or apply online today.

Healthcare Careers booming for the best and brightest

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Labor Bureau says healthcare jobs are good for employment. Staffing experts say well educated rehabilitation candidates are in high demand.

The healthcare industry is expected to generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs through 2018. Healthcare careers for physical therapists and occupational therapists will grow faster than average and demand for Speech Language Pathologists, physical therapy assistant jobs , medical technologists and technicians will surpass all other occupations.* Great news for healthcare employers and candidates alike.

Though healthcare career websites tout a rosy outlook for healthcare jobs, not everyone will qualify. Advanced credentials and years of experience will likely move to the front of the therapy jobs line.  Next will be high academic achievers and flexible candidates willing to relocate.

A healthcare career is viable, satisfying and lucrative. Do you have what it takes?

Healthcare employers will expect competency and accountability from the next wave of healthcare job seekers. Some will test for proficiency after hire while others track caregiver performance via workforce metrics, electronic health records and patient surveys.  A working knowledge of healthcare information technologies will be required of most.

Take for example physical therapy jobs, said Mary Kay Hull, Vice President of Recruitment with Travel Force Staffing. In just a few short years a DPT or Doctorate of Physical Therapy will be required to enter this profession. This means years of sacrifice and study for beginners to achieve Graduate Employment. For working professionals wanting to get ahead; self discipline, perseverance and hours of burning the midnight oil.  Without a DPT in five years, the marketability of a physical therapist may sorely diminish.

Occupational therapy jobs call for a breadth of job knowledge. From cognitive constructs in CAMFC-TBI (Computer Adaptive Measure of Functional Cognition for TBI) to quickly evolving treatments aimed at children, productive aging and disabilities, occupational therapy jobs require accurate, often computer assisted cognitive assessments, a mastery of human behavior and a familiarity with social constructs.

Demand for multilingual Speech-Language Pathologists is on the rise. With globalization touching all aspects of American life – and millions of immigrants gaining access to healthcare for the first time via reform – English-speaking speech language pathologists fluent in Mandarin, Korean, Arabic and Spanish will experience a heightened sense of marketability in coming years.

Similar to physical and occupational therapy jobs and speech language pathologists; medical technicians and technologists will need to continually prove their worth in the workplace.  To this end, Travel Force Staffing suggests healthcare job candidates speak to a therapy jobs recruiter to enhance marketability and successfully target healthcare employers.  Call 800.617.0608 or apply online.

Learn about:

Travel Force StaffingTM provides recruitment solutions for America’s top rated rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient and Rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, and private therapy practices located in all 50 U.S. states. Our experienced team of staffing experts place physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, per diem staff and other allied healthcare professionals into therapy careers nationwide. Contact us today for instant access to cutting edge recruitment technology, therapy career resources, news, and information.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Physical Therapy Students Lobby To Change an Indiana State Law That Inhibits Patients from Seeking Care Without a Referral

Author Travel Force Staffing | 02.11 | Category Allied Healthcare, Career Tips, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Job Questions, Top Rehab Careers, Travel Nurse Blog, Travel physical therapy jobs

Indiana Physical Therapy students recently lobbied to get a new House Bill hearing, to permit patients in America’s Hoosier State to see a Physical Therapist for up to 30 days without a referral from a physician. This measure, if passed, would enable Indiana to join 48 other U.S. states in permitting PTs to conduct an initial examination.

Physical Therapy Indiana law

Other than Indiana, just three states remain as holdouts: Oklahoma, Michigan and Alabama. Some physical therapists say that the likelihood of a patient seeking aid from a masseuse, physical trainer or chiropractor before consulting a physical therapist’s consult in these 4 states is driving PTs away. Physical therapy students are calling the situation a “brain drain”, adding that highly trained recent graduates, i.e. doctors of physical therapy, are moving to more progressive states for physical therapist jobs; precisely why physical therapy students are leading the way in state legislation that gives their future patients easier access to the care they need—a measure that reinforces job stability for high-paying Indiana physical therapy jobs.

Take an Active Interest in Your Physical Therapy Career!

What about your physical therapy career? Do you keep abreast of healthcare trends that improve patient outcomes and create more work opportunities in rehab hospitals and clinics? Would you get involved at the legislative level, if it made the difference between stability in your physical therapy career, or being forced to move out of state to more effectively pursue your goals?

Help a leading therapist staffing agency answer this question by showing us where you stand on this hot button topic! Take the physical therapy career awareness survey below!

Take Our Physical Therapy Career Trends Awareness Survey

Thank you for your participation.

Required Documentation for Travel Therapy Jobs

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travel therapy documentationTalk about a “frequently asked question”! Many rehabilitation therapists who are considering a travel therapy job, especially the new physical therapy graduates, ask us what kind documentation is required for traveling. There are some basic requirements for all travel therapy jobs. Plus — depending on your specialty and the facility where you’ll be working — additional documentation may be required. Your travel therapy job consultant will let you know if additional paperwork is expected as you go along. Still, you’ll make the process more efficient by gathering the paperwork listed below, and you’ll reduce any stress that comes with that last-minute scramble:

  • Copies of all active state rehabilitation therapy licenses — please don’t send originals, just photocopies of your licenses — front and back. 
  • Copies of your signed AHA-issued BCLS for healthcare providers
  • Any other special certifications needed for your clinical area. See this list of allied professional organizations
  • Legible copy of your driver’s license, color copy recommended
  • A Physician Statement completed within 12 months prior to your start date. Keep in mind that it’s easier to get a signature during a doctor’s visit, so bring a statement form with you on your next appointment — even if you’re just starting your therapy job search.
  • Titre results with lab values for:
    • Rubeola
    • Rubella
    • Varicella
    • Hep C, Hep B and Mumps titres may also be required, so if you have had any of these drawn, save your results.
  • Documentation of annual seasonal influenza vaccine
  • Documentation including implantation date, read date and mm of your last two or three PPD’s
  • Respirator Fit Test. Whenever you have a respirator fit test, request a copy of the results for your records; you will need it.

Although it isn’t required once you have completed your therapist job online application and skills lists, a current resume is a very helpful addition to your file. A current resume can help us fill in some of the details about your work history, so we strongly encourage you to upload a resume when available. You’ll also want to collect the contact information from the individuals who will be serving as job references. Find a list of therapist job forms and documentation.

You can complete and fax or email any travel therapist job forms to your consultant at Travel Force’s secure fax or email address:

  • secure fax #: 888-884-6510.
  • secure email:

Securing licensure approval in a new state can take eight weeks or longer. So if you’re interested in Texas physical therapist jobs, it’s a good idea to start looking into Texas licensure ahead of time. Travel Force Staffing can help with securing licensure and licensure reimbursement for working travelers. We review the paperwork basics with experienced and first-time travel therapists alike — and we remind everyone to keep their resume and their skills lists up-to-date. Every job you take can make you a more sought-after rehab therapist. So touch base with your travel therapy agency now and again to update your skills check lists and profile. In no time at all, you’ll be happily situated in your ideal travel therapy job.

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Securing a TN Visa or E-3 Visa is a Straightforward Process to get U.S. Physical Therapists Jobs

Author Travel Force Staffing | 10.21 | Category Allied Healthcare, Career Tips, How to Tips, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapist Licensing, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Job Questions, Therapist Jobs, Therapy Jobs, Travel physical therapy jobs, Travel Therapist

Canadian, Mexican and Australian Rehab Graduates seeking U.S. Physical Therapists Jobs check out Travel Force’s all new career resource page to find out why…

Are you a foreign trained physical therapist who wants to get to work in a top paying therapy job with full benefits? Travel Force has a new TN Visa page worthy of your bookmark! If you are a physical therapist or occupational therapist and hold Canadian or Mexican citizenry, you are eligible for the TN Visa.

Travel Force’s Information on the TN Visa is a One-Stop Career Resource!

As a non-immigrant NAFTA Professional, your TN Visa allows you to work legally and without delay in the United States, provided you have a confirmed job offer from a U.S. employer—Travel Force is prepared to be that employer, offering visa sponsorship, in addition to a full benefits package with full-time employment. Our TN visa page is a vital career resource that links to:

  • TN Visa eligibility criteria
  • US Embassy and Consulate Services
  • A complete list of USA state licensing authorities
  • Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) requirements
  • Visa Credentials Assessment or VisaScreen Certificate
  • TOEFL official website

TN Visa Basic Requirements: A Recap

The Travel Force TN Visa resource page says it all, but as a refresher, Canadian and Mexican PTs and OTs should expect to prove the following:

  • Citizenship of Canada or Mexico
  • Qualifications that meet TN Visa regulations
  • A Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist license in the state applicant intends to practice
  • A confirmed full-time therapy job with a U.S. employer

What do Australian Applicants to Travel Force have to gain?

Australian nationals coming to the United States, trained in physical therapy or occupational therapy—who also hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent—are eligible for the E-3 Visa; introduced in 2005, it enables professionals, along with their spouses and children, to come to the US to work in a specialty occupation.

Don’t just bookmark us! Contact Travel Force today!
From Down Under, Mexico or the Canadian Rockies, your future in a competitive, high paying physical therapy or occupational therapist career is on hold until you contact a staffing expert at 800-617-0608 or Apply Online Now.

Therapy Career Resources for Foreign PTs—your Go-To Guide

Author Travel Force Staffing | 07.23 | Category Allied Healthcare, Career Tips, How to Tips, How To's, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapist Jobs, Physical Therapist Licensing, Physical Therapy, Physical Therapy Job Questions, Respiratory Therapy, Therapist Jobs, Therapy Jobs, Travel Therapist

Foreign PT License Requirements and FAQ’s you should bookmark!

Were you trained for a physical therapy career outside of the United States, and looking for a therapy job here? If yes, welcome to our Go-To guide, featuring information on the Top 10 states for physical therapy careers, as well as direct links to state licensure applications.

Top 10 States for PTs
You’ll note some states’ pages for foreign PTs answer frequently asked questions, while others route the foreign trained physical therapist directly to an online application, instructions for obtaining licensure or all of the above. Every state is slightly different in its approach, but the bottom line is the same: qualified applicants who meet state licensing authority criteria enjoy rewarding and high paying physical therapy careers!

California: The Physical Therapy Board of California assists foreign educated Physical Therapist graduates from accredited and non-accredited programs. You’ll note that this state’s page gives a shortlist of what you’ll need to get in order before you apply, plus a direct link to an online application.

Colorado: The Colorado Division of Registrations provides an online application and instructions on how to take the NPTE exam; it also lists basic requirements for foreign trained Physical Therapist licensure.

Florida: The Florida Department of Health answers FAQs for Foreign Trained Applicants and an “Apply for a license” link that helps you get started.

Iowa: The Iowa Department of Public Health’s Physical Therapist licensure information is the same for foreign and domestic applicants on the online application.

Illinois: The Division for Professional Registration handles licensure for all applicants, both domestic and foreign trained in physical therapy careers; this site does not provide a specific page intended for foreign trained PTs; however, they do provide contact information for sources who can answer your questions.

Massachusetts: The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation states that graduates of foreign physical therapy programs may be eligible for licensure in MA, but that the Board accepts only the evaluations prepared by the FCCPT

Maryland: The Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners provides detailed instructions for foreign trained Physical Therapist applicants; you’ll notice two different licensure links for foreign PTs; one for “Licensure by Examination” and one for “Licensure by Endorsement”. You will also note this state accepts evaluation credentials sent by the FCCPT.

Ohio: The Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers Board provides an online application for licensure as a PT or PTA, with instructions for foreign applicants on the PT applicant page.

Texas:  The Executive Council of Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Examiners provides instructions for foreign trained physical therapist applicants; they provide, on this page, an “Apply for a License Now” link.

Washington:  The Washington State Department of Health reviews all applications for Physical Therapist licensure, domestic and foreign trained, and provides a “packet” of all the materials you will need to work in Washington physical therapy jobs.

Working in Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs
For foreign students of physical therapy, the process of obtaining licensure is more difficult for PTAs (physical therapy assistants) than it is PTs—we covered the reason in a related press release, but you’ll want to read on for direct links to therapy career resources that exist to help you transcend this minor obstacle. Just do the following, in the following order, and you’ll soon be working in physical therapy assistant jobs:

Complete all educational requirements to become a Physical Therapist Assistant


  • Apply for a student visa (F1 Visa) and then apply to accredited Physical Therapist Schools; Canadian physical therapists can work on a non-immigrant NAFTA Professional (TN) visa
  • After you complete your education and prior to graduation, apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allows you to work in the U.S. for up to one year.

Commonalities Shared by State Licensing Boards
Foreign trained applicants should have the following items in order before applying for state licensure:

  • Social Security Numbers: you can apply for licensure and take the exam prior to getting a social security number; however, you will need the S-S-N prior to receiving your license.
  • iBT TOEFL: a passing score on this test proves you are proficient in English. Minimum score required is 89, as well as accompanying minimum scores in the test’s four components: 24 in writing; 26 in speaking; 21 in reading comprehension; and 18 in listening comprehension
  • A letter: from the applicant’s university stating that at the time the student received their first degree the language of instruction was English.
  • Requirements for Credential Evaluations: Once you pass the NPTE exam, you must prove your education is on par with state standards.
  • The Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT): This non-profit organization assists many foreign trained PTs in showing their educational credentials are equivalent to current standards in the United States. See if your state board of physical therapy will work with them.

Remember that using therapy career resources, like each relevant link in this blog, can help you get to work fast!  For the foreign trained, as well as every professional working in travel physical therapy jobs, we wish you great luck in your new home!

Footnote: Some online physical therapy career resources cited here were taken from The Rehab License Network, which was created with the goal of making allied healthcare licensing information easier to obtain and/or maintain for rehab professionals.