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Attention Therapists: Here are 5 Smart Phone Apps That Help You Track the Weather during Hurricane Season

Author Travel Force Staffing | 05.23

Chances are every healthcare professional has a smartphone with a variety of useful apps. Why not take advantage of these—especially the free ones offered for Andriods and iPads—and stay well informed about approaching storms? Whether it’s a mild tropical disturbance or a category four hurricane, therapists in all 50 U.S. states need to be prepared!

During National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 26th through June 1st, therapists in the most vulnerable travel therapist states should take these apps into account.

  • The Weather Channel: This is the most well recognized resource. It’s also a free app for just about all smartphones. It’s like having the weather channel on, but in your pocket. The app gives hourly updates—not onlyhurricane tips weather app tracking the storm, but predicting what it will do next. The app also color codes regions most important to you by threat level.
  • WeatherBug provides up-to-the-minute forecasts and alerts, plus Doppler views of the storm. For those in Florida therapy jobs, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, this app is terrific. It’s a nominal $1.99 fee for both iPad and Android users, and is ad free!
  • Hurricane Tracker includes updates from the National Hurricane Center, tropical wave data, threat-level maps, audio and video news updates, plus push alerts for your mobile devices. Android and iPad users can also check out a similar app called Hurricane Software that is free.
  • Sun Sentinel Sources for Florida Therapists: Since hurricanes tend to dominate the south Florida region, it makes sense to consult the South Florida Sun Sentinel News, Hurricane Headquarters and Ken Kaye’s Storm Center during the approach of any storm.
  • Florida Radars HD: This app is 99 cents and for the iPad only. It tracks radar views from eight different areas across the state for up-to-the-minute information on building or approaching storm systems. You can modify the app so the default screen covers South or Central Florida.

Stay Well Connected in Your Travel Therapy Job by Treating Your Phone Right during the Storm  

What good are smartphone apps if your phone is damaged, or not charged on a regular basis during the approach of a storm? Therapists are encouraged to keep their phones safe, dry and in mint condition, whether they are at the hospital, in the process or evacuating or waiting out the storm in safe physical therapist housing accommodations. The best and first thing to do is program emergency numbers into your phone RIGHT NOW if you haven’t done so already. Make sure you print the list, so you don’t have to waste precious power looking numbers up when you need them. It’s also a good idea to save important websites to your phone’s browser.

Keep your cell phone dry by keeping it, and all its accessories, in a Ziplock bag. Remember, too, to conserve battery power by texting rather than talking; your text message is likely to be better understood than your voice during emergency weather. And last but not least, create a family communication plan. Designate a central contact, who can alert your loved ones that you are safe. Travel Force Staffing consultants hope you stay in touch in the event of a storm, and contact them for 24/7 round the clock client service. Hurricane season lasts from June through November, but your consultants are here for you, year round when you call 1-800-617-0608. Get more information on evacuation maps and shelters, should you need it. Keep safe, friends!


The following links will connect travel therapists with the smartphone apps discussed in this article: WeatherBug;

The Weather Channel;

South Florida Sun Sentinel News;

Ken Kaye’s Storm Center and

Hurricane Headquarters. Other app links include

Hurricane Tracker and

Florida Radars HD.

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